INREM loan

Our loan is an innovative product for financing small and medium-sized companies.

Our product is designed specifically for companies that sell goods and services to their customers and accept payments via Credit/ Debit cards (Visa, Master Card or other).


With the help of our loan, you can finance the purchase of goods, equipment, the opening of a new store, restaurant or cafe, renovations, rent payments, repayment of debts, and other needs of your business.

The loan amount is related to the amount of purchases that your customers pay by bank cards. The larger the amount of such payments, the larger the loan amount you can get.

Our clients are shops, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes and bars, fitness centers, tailor shops, beauty salons and barbershops, hotels and travel agencies. Companies that serve people every day.

The main advantages of our loan
Our loan is available for companies that have no assets, no securities such as real estate or equipment, may not have profit, may have debts or other financial difficulties.
We do not set a fixed repayment plan. The amount of payments to repay the loan depends on your income. The lower the revenue, the lower your payment.
You do not pay interest on the loan. You only pay the commission fee. The amount of the commission fee is fixed and specified in the loan agreement. No additional fees or charges.
We do not ask any security for a loan, we do not ask for an owner’s guarantee and do not ask you to provide financial statements of your company.
You will receive an offer with the parameters of the approved loan within 24 hours and money into your account - within 48 hours.
We approve 95% of received applications.
Loan amount
From 5 000 to 50 000 €, up to 150% of the monthly income that you receive by card payments from your clients and customers
Loan term
Up to 12 months
Commission fee
is fixed in EURO
Loan repayment
The loan is repaid once a week. The repayment amount is the percentage of your choice (20%, 30%, 40% or 50%) of the amount of your customers payments by cards received on the company's account each week. This percentage does not change during the term of the loan.
Borrower’s and document requirements
Borrower requirements
  • 01The company accepts payments via Credit/ Debit cards (Visa, Master Card or other) using a POS terminal (Card swipe machine)
  • 02Your Business has operated for at least a year
  • 03The company has premises for business - rented, owned, or on any other legal basis
Document requirements
    We kindly ask to provide us with:
  • 01

    Card transaction statements for the last 12 months on the account from your bank or PSP-provider. If the company uses several card terminals at one or several points of sale - a statement for each of them.

    A valid rental agreement for the premises in which the card terminal is installed, or another agreement on the basis of which the company uses the premises for business.

  • To sign a loan agreement, you will need:
  • 02

    To show the ID / passport of the director of the company (authorized person).

    To sign the client questionnaire.

    To submit the original agreement with the bank on the account you use and provide a copy.

How the product works
Receiving a loan
  • 01

    Fill in a loan application on our website.

    The loan application has got two parts. After completing the first part of the loan application, you will receive an e-mail from us and a link for completing the second part of the loan application.

    If we have any questions, our manager will contact you by phone or email.

  • 02

    We will review your documents within 24 hours and provide an offer with approved loan parameters.

  • 03

    Accept our offer.

  • 04

    One of our colleagues will contact you and come to your office at a convenient time for you to sign the loan agreement.

  • 05

    Sign the loan agreement, get money into the account. Use them for your business needs.

Sell goods and services to your customers and clients. Accept the card payments of your customers and clients.
Loan repayment
  • 01

    The loan is repaid once a week.

    The amount of repayment is calculated as the amount of card payments received by your company each week, multiplied by the percentage you have chosen and specified in the agreement.

    We calculate the amount of your weekly repayment and let you know how much you have to pay by sending a notification.

  • 02

    To calculate payments, we need you to provide us with the opportunity to receive information about your card revenue.

    You can either provide us with access to your bank account in the view mode, or send us a card transaction statement once a week.

  • 03

    If the loan is repaid prior to its term we will pay back a part of the paid commission fee. This part will be indicated in the loan agreement.

  • 04

    If the loan is not fully repaid within the period provided in the loan agreement, you can apply for an extension.

  • 05

    If during the term of the loan you have an additional need for money, we are ready to consider your application for a new loan.